"The unofficial sequel to The Game" -- only better!

The inside story of today's "seduction community": their secrets, techniques, and rivalries.

Myths and Masters of the Game is the latest non-fiction work from acclaimed investigative journalist Adam Brown. It explores the highly-secretive and controversial world of dating coaches and "pick up artists" (PUAs)

"I've been an investigative journalist for more than 20 years. I've reported from leper colonies in Brazil, been on the black list of the Serbian secret police, and done enough reporting from war zones for a lifetime. But I've never met as diverse or surprising a cast of characters as I did researching the PUA community" - Adam Brown, 2011.

The backbone of Myths and Masters is "Project Rockstar" – the bold experiment in which pick up artists and dating coaches from different schools got together to challenge themselves to completely transform the lives of 6 men in a grueling 8-week training program. Just to show that it was possible. For free.

Did they succeed? Yes…and no…and maybe. The answer depends a bit on your perspective. But like many adventures, Myths and Masters is as much about the journey as the destination.

The story begins and ends at Lord Davenport's private estate in London: destination for Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant, Prince William, and others, as well as home to his notorious 20-person Jacuzzi. How do today's top pick up artists fare against the stiffest competition in attracting some of the world's most jaded and sought-after women?

In between, Myths and Masters takes you on a global odyssey of the PUA world. From Australian universities to dusty West African outposts. From 5-star Swedish lounges to the 24/7 Las Vegas scene. From richest London to poorest. From insider meetings in hotel conference rooms to the Oktoberfest party in Munich. And so much more… …with plenty of shocking new info along the way. Including:

But Myths and Masters of the Game is more than a tell-all book. One reviewer called it "a great seduction and training guide … all by itself". Each chapter is introduced with a scientific study that proves or disproves a key technique of the pickup community, ranging from whether pre-selection really works to how women's expectations are influenced by today's romantic comedies.


And, best of all – Myths and Masters of the Game is like YOUR virtual ticket to tens of thousands of dollars worth of dating science, as it faithfully transcribes actual seminars, coaching, and products. Including:

But what has made Myths and Masters the most sought-after book about "the community" since The Game is not the secrets, the drama, or the seduction advice. Myths and Masters is about people. Men – perhaps not so different from yourself – who wanted more dates, better options, more attractive women, and more fun in their life. So much so, that they were willing to put themselves in the hands of a motley crew of diverse strangers for 8 weeks of their life.

"The new Rockstars included a Canadian politician and tv show host, a Swedish forklift driver and reformed heroin addict, a French business owner, an American law student, a 21-year-old English millionaire and an Australian-born internet marketer who made his home in San Francisco." (Myths and Masters, page 84) But not all survived the program…

P.S. Because of the publishing deal, this book will be on extremely limited release for "the community" only. If you miss out now, don't fret – it should eventually be in bookstores in late 2012 or 2013.